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Paperbacks – Available for preorder

Media mail can take up to 8 days for shipping (Domestic).  Ebooks and paperbacks on amazon are available on 3/10/15, but paperback customers end up being “punished” into waiting for the mail.  So, I am making The Fear That Divides Us paperbacks available for purchase on my site now, and will start shipping them this week in an effort to cut out your wait time and hopefully have them in your hands by release day.  I got them in today and have to say, they look fuckin’ great!

M.N. Forgy

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Only for 99 Pennies

There are a few books in The Devil’s Dust Series that are 99 cents! Just in time too, because The Fear That Divides Us (Devil’s Dust Book 3) Comes out March 10th, and you WON’T want to miss it!

☆Get your copy now!☆
What Doesn’t Destroy Us (Devil’s Dust Book 1)

The Broken Pieces Of Us (Devil’s Dust Novella)

Love That Defies Us (Devil’s Dust Novella)


Writing The Fear That Divides Us

Whew. <– That is describing the emotional roller coaster of writing The Fear That Divides Us. After completely finishing, touching up and preparing it to go to editing, then clicking save, I felt exactly that….whew.  I enjoyed writing Bobby’s book a lot. I am kind of sad it’s over really and the best way I can describe writing it is… sex. That high you get, putting everything you have into it, your mind, body, soul; everything. Then when it’s over, you’re spent. You can’t move, talk, or think. That is what Bobby did to me.

I can’t wait for you to read it March 10th.

Blurb to The Fear That Divides Us

The Fear That Divides Us (The Devil’s Dust Book 3)

Road Captain of the Devil’s Dust Motorcycle Club, Bobby has the scars to prove just how dangerous his life is. He gives the world he knows hell and loves every moment of it. Wearing a panty-dropping grin along the way, his fierce life has never been a problem for him, until her. Jessica is the only female who has him distracted in his game. After taking him to bed, she’s the only woman to tell him to take a hike. Waking with her gone, he can’t resist her pull. He’s seen the marks on her body, ones which tell the horrors she’s lived through. He’s also seen the fear in her eyes when she lets herself become weak to his advances. Bobby has a decision to make. Can he help Jessica, or will it mean giving up his carefree life?

Jessica, also known as Doc, lives life in fear. Years back, she ran to the Devil’s Dust for protection, seeking the demise of her abusive, dominant husband. Her mind and soul tortured by her past, she can’t allow herself to move forward. The only thing in her sight is her daughter’s safety. Even if she has the attention of one particular tattooed biker, she can’t succumb to his charm and drag her daughter back into a world of danger, no matter how much he thinks he can save her.

Mistakes will be made.

Fears will be faced.

Pain will be remembered.

Can Bobby and Jessica survive the dangers they bring upon themselves?

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Black Hearts: The Leather Valentine Collection

Title: Black Hearts ( The Leather Valentine Collection)
Release Date: February 10, 2015
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Cover Designer: Louisa from LM Creations
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This Valentine’s day, take a ride with the 
Leather Valentine Collection. 
Eight of your favorite Best Selling MC authors come together to give you a Leather clad Valentines day you won’t forget. 
Bikes, clubs and bad ass brothers claiming the hearts and bodies of the women in their misfit lives.
What sinfully sexy way will your favorite MC couple spend Valentine’s Day?



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Update on The Fear That Divides Us ( The Devil’s Dust Book 3)

Hello Loves
I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for the next installment to the Devil’s Dust series, called The Fear That Divides Us (The Devil’s Dust book 3) .
I can say at this time, it will not be released until early 2015. With the holidays coming up, it is hard to write the complexity of Bobby and Jessica’s story and schedule around an editor and designer.
I do have a couple novellas surrounding the club coming out between now and then to help with the withdrawal though, one releasing as early as December 20th.
But, I didn’t get on here to completely disappoint you My cover is in the works for The Fear That Divides Us as we speak, and to give you an idea of how great it is going to be, I picked a model for Bobby’s cover. His name is Paul Hagen, and he’s got a gorgeous body. Go check out his profile and tell him i sent you, that you love him, ect!

His stalking source:

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First teaser for the Unsound anthology

A teaser from The Unsound Anthology – Releasing next month.

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99 cent sale for a limited time!

~~*What Doesn’t Destroy Us Sale*~~
What Doesn’t Destroy Us ( The Devil’s Dust Book 1) is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

“She’s Heaven and I’m Hell. When we’re together angels cry and Hell freezes over.”

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Thanksgiving sale 2014

The Scars That Define Us, is live!

✯✯The Scars That Define Us (The Devil’s Dust Book 2) Is Live✯✯

Need your biker fix after What Doesn’t Destroy Us( The Devil’s Dust Book 2)?

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It’s Live! Get your copy of The Scars That Define Us!

Grab Your Copy Of The Scars That Define Us ( The Devil’s Dust book 2) Today!

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(Recommended you read What Doesn’t Destroy Us first)banner book 2

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